Packing Tips from Inline Removals


Moving electronics: no wait, it’s more than that… moving our life essentials!


Whether it’s as small as an Amazon Firestick, or our Xbox 360 with numerous controllers and games, or our high-quality turn-table with 24 carat gold-plated bi-wire speaker cable hooked-up to a cool amp (yes, I’m afraid I’m a bit of techie) we really do want our gadgets to be well looked after.
For the TV or Computers, it is best to pack them up in their original packaging (if you still have it).

Be sure to back up your devices, you may have important information or documentation on your computer or perhaps sentimental and irreplaceable.

PS. This is a video from the United States but we think it offers some really helpful advice).

Moving home – useful packing advice for mirrors and glass frames!


For obvious reasons, mirrors and glass frames can easily be damaged in the move. The best thing you can do is put some tape in an ‘X’ across the glass.

This should hopefully prevent shattering – or if the worst happens and it does smash, then you won’t be left with shards of glass all over the place.

Wrap it in bubble wrap and then some.

PS. We’ve sourced this video from the United States!


Crockery & Fragile Items


Let’s begin with the plates and saucers. Did you know that it’s utterly pointless wrapping them in newspaper – why do people do this? It just won’t protect them.

Here’s the really clever tip… place polystyrene plates in between every one of your plates stacked up. Wrap the whole thing with bubble wrap. This should go a long way to help protect your crockery.

Take a look at this helpful video.

PS. We’ve sourced this video from the United States!

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